VOSCA in June, 2023

What’s happening in VOSCA in June, 2023

Hey, folks!

June is over, so let us talk about what’s new in VOSCA this month.

This month has been entirely focused on the launch of the new v-analyzer, which we introduced a few days ago. The v-analyzer is a tool designed to incorporate IDE functionality into popular editors. It represents a significant leap forward for V programming language, as it empowers developers to utilize V with the familiar features found in modern IDEs.

Petr Makhnev Petr Makhnev

Meet v-analyzer

Brief overview of the new Language Server for V

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Documentation improvements

  • Added a new section about static methods
  • Added information about how to get string representation of enum field
  • Improved “Closures” article


  • Since June 6, all VOSCA sites have been visited more than 10 thousand times. The number of unique users who have visited sites at least once is 2990+. If you are interested in more detailed statistics, you can see them here.
  • According to statistics, as of July 5, the IntelliJ V plugin was installed 5763 times, 1100+ installations in May.
  • The new v-analyzer plugin for VS Code was installed 161 times in 3 days.


We want to thank the following people for their donations ❤️:

  • Jesus Alvarez
  • Artur Z
  • Hunam
  • Francesc Ortiz

Your support greatly motivates us to continue working on the development of V and VOSCA!

Announcement of the new VOSCA project

We are pleased to announce that as part of VOSCA, we have begun work on a new project — an interactive learning platform for V. Currently, we are brainstorming its design and the functionalities it will offer.

We have set our target launch date for September 1st. Make sure to stay tuned for updates and further announcements!

What’s next?

In July, we will continue to work on what we worked on in June, v-analyzer still needs a lot of work, and we also plan to add support for new editors.

See you in a month!